Novell Patch Notification New Patch 29 Dec 2010

Novell Patch Notification
1 New Patch
29 Dec 2010


– All SUSE Products –

The latest updates to your SUSE Linux Enterprise software are now available. By installing updates regularly, you will keep your operating system at peak performance, remove known security vulnerabilities and software defects, improve stability, and add the newest features and functionality.

To download, simply click the URL(s) that correspond to your version and log in to the Novell download site. You can then install the updates with YaST or your preferred installation tool. Please note: You must have a registered SUSE Linux Enterprise product with upgrade protection in order to access the patch downloads.

  1. Recommended update for spamassassin 20101223


OES Linux servers should only be updated by following the instructions in the applicable documentation:

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