Serving You: Novell Connection Magazine April 2010


Novell® Connection Magazine // APR 2010


It’s Hot
Novell Conferencing makes it easy to host and join Web events. Learn more about easy, inexpensive and effective Web conferencing. Read: + Full Article

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on the IBM Mainframe
Interested in Linux history? Find out more about a decade of co-evolution with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on the IBM Mainframe. Read: + Full Article

Relationships of Trust
Simplify user access to SharePoint in environments with multiple user communities and identity stores with Novell Access Manager. Read: + Full Article


Wireshark Network Analysis
It’s here! Take a peek inside Laura Chappell’s new book, visit the Coffee and Quickie video series and download other book supplements. Read: + Full Article

Record Breaker
Aiming to shrink its physical infrastructure and reduce costs, Sony Italia used PlateSpin Migrate from Novell to help virtualize 12 physical servers running Windows and Linux. Read: + Full Article

Meet Your New Novell Connection
Our magazine has come a long way since its creation in the late 80’s. Check out the changes and improvements in Novell Connection. Read: + Full Article


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