Software Freedom Day 2011

We have been working hard on SFD promotion to provide easy ways to advertise and attract people to your events. On top of the badges we showcased about 2 weeks ago we now have a multi-lingual countdown counter supporting all time zones. Currently nine languages are supported (English, German, Portuguese, French, Khmer, Sinhalese, Persian, Chinese simplified and traditional). It is very easy to add a new language should you need it and even documented.

Link to countdown usage page:

Link to translation howto:

Link to promotion badges:


Since we are talking about promotion we would like to thank our media partners as we have a few new ones this year, and we have kept the old ones too. In no specific order those publications will advertise for SFD this month or the next: Linux Magazine, Linux Journal, Ubuntu Users, Admin magazine and Smart Developer.

It is also important to thank our corporate sponsors who have followed us for quite a few years now and with whom we wouldn’t be able to send those team packs or have our website up and running: Canonical, Google, Qt/Nokia and Linode.

And then we have the people from other Free and Open Source projects joining the ranks of organizations celebrating SFD such as the FSF, the FSFE and newly stepping in this year, FreeBSD and Joomla! We sincerely hope this list will grow longer as everyone sees us working together on providing speakers, joining communities and providing more content to help raise the quality of all SFD events.


So considering the press coverage and all the promotional efforts we’re working on you should expect visitors to start looking for information and events in your area. It is very important to update your team wiki page providing at least an idea about:

– Your event location

– How to contact you or your group

– Date and time of your event

– Any more information such as schedule, registration info if any, etc will of course be very helpful to convince people to drop by.


Another important point to highlight is that we are promoting Software Freedom regardless of the operating system being used and that means this freedom should be promoted on all fronts included on Free OSes. In order to help you out when distributing non-free GNU/Linux distributions and make this information process easy we have written a notice to be inserted into such CD/DVDs. The purpose is to let people know to be careful with what they are installing (or buying) even when using GNU/Linux. The notice (together with an odf document to print 4 per

sheet) can be found here:

We strongly ask for team organizers to use this notice when distributing non-free GNU/Linux distributions (translations available in pt and es).


Also to help you with planning we have set up a few important pages where you can find logos, slides, videos, templates, all source files of whatever you can find on the wiki and plenty of more links. Head to to find a list of those.

We will continue working on providing more slides and ideas in the coming weeks.


Another helping factor this year is that we have finally started to translate our main website (the www one – we started with the wiki guides last year). All this work has been done by the SFD community and is progressing slowly. Hopefully we will get more done as we get closer to SFD. The planets have also been upgraded and it is now very easy to switch from one available language to another (note that not all languages have planet, default is English).


And since we are talking about translations we would also like to point out that we have launched 2 new mailing lists this year to complete the existing Spanish one: one in Portuguese and one in Russian. Obviously if you’re speaking one of those 3 languages it’s probably worth subscribing and saying hi there! We will continue to speak English though (haven’t found the language learning pill yet) and provide updates in that language. And since we are sending this email to all wiki accounts we also urge you to subscribe to at least sfd-announce and sfd-discuss mailing list. Mailing list info page is here:


Should you have any question either pop up on our irc channels (#sfd for English or #sfd-es for Spanish) or mail us back.


Thank you all and happy SFD preparations!


SFI Board